We All Went to Prison…

Art and evangelism are the main focuses of this DTS so we like to evangelize in all sorts of different ways. These past two weeks, we evangelized by going to two prisons. We split our team into two groups; one group went to a men and women’s prison and the other group went to the women’s ward of a different prison. Here are the stories Sarah and Amanda have from their experiences at the prisons.


Looking around [the prison], I could see people just like me, imperfect and imprisoned by sin. Maybe I… Read more »

The King, Kids, and Treasure Hunts

We as a team have grown so close together. God has been doing amazing things, and we all have the common mission of inspiring others with the gospel. Sharing the Lord’s love and blessings with others was exactly what all nine of us girls intended, as we loaded up for a weekend in the countryside. As a team, we embarked toward King’s Kids (related to Youth With A Mission) ready to help lead a kids camp. None of us were ready for the plethora of blessings we were about to receive in return.

One… Read more »

New Generation 2017

Hello all! Coming to you from the New Generation 2017 DTS in Lyon France. This year, our school has 9 students, and all of us are girls! We’ve had a crazy two weeks so far and we want to start off our first blog of the year by introducing all of the students.

Top left: Kyle (staff), Sarah, Chloe, Rachel, Kalo, Annaëlle, Floriane (staff). Bottom left: Amber, Kayla, Amanda, Lucy (staff), Erika, Carrie (speaker), Hasnia (staff).

Annaëlle: I live in Paris. Yes, I’m one of the only French students. I like dance, music,… Read more »

Africa, A Dream Realised

Hello everyone! It’s Kyle reporting all the way from Senegal! First of all, I want to start by saying we are all safe and sound. Despite bouts of diarrhea, a few migraines, and fevers; we are all fine.

From the very beginning, it was clear that the enemy doesn’t want us to be here. At the airport in Lyon, Arthur – one of the team members – was held up at check-in as the airline demanded that he present a visa to be allowed on the plane. We were certain that he doesn’t need a visa… Read more »

Destination Lyon!

Saturday, we partied the start of the Discipleship Training School 2016!

Thank you for praying that we would find a home for our school!

We have moved in and our excited to have a brand new house (for once) that we will be renting in Décines (20 minutes from Lyon). We found the house 4 days before the arrival of the students (last minute, like every year)… The students this year come from the Untied States, Canada, the Ivory Coast, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland and of… Read more »

The Preparation Continues!

What a week we had! Leadership training, evangelization, etc. This week, we had the opportunity to have Grace from YWAM Biarritz each morning to teach some principles of leadership. Grace was really a blessing for the base especially as this year, there are three new staff members (including me) for the Discipleship Training School. Personally, I appreciated the biblical principles of leadership that she taught us as well as the little tips that she gave. And of course, we loved her stories of her experiences in leadership as a DTS staff. I huge thank you to you, Grace!… Read more »

Discipleship Training School 2016: On Your Marks, Ready, Set, Go!

Here we are two weeks from the start of the DTS. The team is finally complete! We’re going all in! We start every day by a good dose of vitamins, a time of intimacy with God, a time of worship and intercession! Each morning is a time of equipping for this new season. We continue the preparations before the students arrive, both in substance and in form! Always praying to be inspired and creative, we were able to make over 40 welcome and thank you cards for our future visitors. We have also divided the different duties necessary for… Read more »

« But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear Him » - Psalms 103 : 17 (New Living Translation)

Our YWAM base was the place to be last week.

First of all, we had the opportunity to have a week of teaching about the Bible in our running DTS! Our speaker came from another French YWAM base, YWAM Champagne. He led us into a reflection about the Scriptures, studying one book after another. We got to study some pretty simple questions about the Bible: do we have to obey everything that is written in it? Why do we read it? Does God present a difference in His character when we read about Him in the Old Testament… Read more »


The whole YWAM Lyon team is excited to announce that the next Street Art School will start March 2016. We are thrilled to share with you our brand new video, which captures some of our Summer 2015 adventures. It was a time of mission in our beloved France and a time when God showed his faithfulness and power. Let’s not forget: the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

A CALL THAT CHANGES THE WORLD Street Art School is about learning to create with God and searching excellence in our artistic expressions. Art is not… Read more »