What’s up in the DTS ?!

« But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear Him » - Psalms 103 : 17 (New Living Translation)

Our YWAM base was the place to be last week.

First of all, we had the opportunity to have a week of teaching about the Bible in our running DTS! Our speaker came from another French YWAM base, YWAM Champagne. He led us into a reflection about the Scriptures, studying one book after another. We got to study some pretty simple questions about the Bible: do we have to obey everything that is written in it? Why do we read it? Does God present a difference in His character when we read about Him in the Old Testament versus in the new one? So many questions whose answers aren’t that obvious! But I do believe it is important to think about these, to be able to get to know God in a better way, because that’s the point, right? ☺


Last Saturday, we hosted our Christmas party! It was a good time to rejoice and gather to celebrate Jesus’ name ! As we all know, Christmas’ meaning is way more than just offering gifts, savor a good meal and enjoy a good ambiance. Above all of these things, it is another opportunity to remember the grace God gave and still gives us today, when He sent his only and beloved Son to restore the relationship He wanted us (and you as well!) to have with Him. What a joy to be together as a whole, and simply sing His name. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious meal and continued in the festivities of the night. 

Lastly, we as a base were keen to set a time apart for God and have an entire day seeking His face, fasting and praying. It was the opportunity to simply stop thinking about our agendas, our responsabilities, our duties. To press the “pause” button of our minds and say; “Lord today is the day we  want to be completely with you, lay aside about our concerns, listen to your voice and hear what you have to say, to just soak in your presence.” And we ended up being so blessed! The Spirit of God was among us, speaking to people, and by the end of the day, we were all filled by the Spirit and renewed by Him. Yes, this is what happens when we accept to die to ourselves, to come humble before God and to realize that everything is all about Him. Thanks Lord !

Be encouraged and blessed in the name of Jesus  ☺

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