Youth With A Mission Lyon

<strong>Lucas, Laurence and Loïs</strong> Profile Image

Lucas, Laurence and Loïs

YWAM Lyon leaders

The french couple of the base ! They started YWAM Lyon in 2009. They are full of dreams and ideas. They want to encourage young christians to be witnesses using all the gifts that God gave to them, and specifically in the art area.

<strong>Rafael, Quenia and Matias PATRÍCIO</strong> Profile Image

Rafael, Quenia and Matias PATRÍCIO

YWAM Lyon co-leaders

A Brazilian family who works with children using circus arts. For us, mission is relationships.

<strong>Cariele and Romeu Silva</strong> Profile Image

Cariele and Romeu Silva

French Touch DTS Staff

We are Romeu et Cariele, married since 2009, and we come from Brasil. We are missionaries with YWAM since 2012. We just arrived in Lyon in the beginning of september 2015. It is such a pleasure for us to be part of this family.

<strong>Sy Xiong</strong> Profile Image

Sy Xiong

French Touch DTS Staff

Sy comes from Avignon, she’s involved in evangelism in France, french speaker countries and other nations. She likes having fun with her family, and her friends. She likes discovering new culture, meet new people and face new challenges. Her skills are visual arts, and graphics. 


<strong>Floriane Geiser</strong> Profile Image

Floriane Geiser

New Generation DTS Staff

From Switzerland and France, it’s during the summer 2016 – as a volunteer in the base – that I discovered a real heart for France and for the arts. I like nature, decoration, flowers but more than that I like people ! To take care of them, to listen to them and to see them growing in their faith. 🙂

<strong>Lucy N'Gome</strong> Profile Image

Lucy N'Gome

New Generation DTS Staff

From here from there, wanting to go the ends of the earth to share the love of the Father. Through words, gestures, slam and dancing, my desire is to show people that there is a God who can do so much more than what we think!

<strong>Julie Orenstain</strong> Profile Image

Julie Orenstain

French Touch DTS Staff

Hello! I’m Julie! I am passionate about God, praise and worship, and food!! 🙂 It’s been said that I’m like a bottomless hole and it’s kind of true! Seriously though, I have a heart to be a channel that leads the people around me into a deeper intimacy with God through worship!

<strong>Hasnia Limea</strong> Profile Image

Hasnia Limea

New Generation DTS Staff

She likes to see clouds pass by as well as scan the sky and eagerly wait for the next shooting star. But above all, she loves to invest in the lives of others for a deeper intimacy with the Father.




Elizabeth JORGENSEN Profile Image


French Touch DTS Staff

Hello! My name is Liz and I am from Nebraska, in the United States. I have such a heart for France, the culture, and the people. My passion is working with children, art, evangelism and serving others. I enjoy anything related to nature because it is the best place for me to see God’s beauty. I also like cats.



Mission statement for the base (Based on Acts 1:8)
You will be my witness in Lyon, in France, in French speaking world and until ends of the earth.

Our favorite part of Lyon is that historically, the city has been a cradle of Christianity for Europe. Since the end of the first century, Lyon has housed many martyrs and missionaries, and was later a key city for protestants during the Reformation. It’s clear that our town has been on God’s heart since the beginning. What a time to gather together in worship, hear from God, and to write the next chapter for Lyon!


Our mission statement for the art department: To mobilize and train young Christian artists to evangelize and impact society through innovative art.







Lyon is the second largest city in France, after Paris. It has always been a crossroads for business, art, ideas, and culture. (

A day spent walking around here can be like travelling through time. The Fourvière, for example, provides an authentic representation of Lyon during the ancient Gallo-Roman period. Just down the road, one can stroll into “Old Lyon”, a well preserved portion of the town originally constructed during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These areas are listed as Historical Sites by UNESCO and maintain their original features. Lyon continues to grow in size and in population, expanding both outwards and upwards!

Lyon could be described as a living city. People tend to live even in the most popular tourist areas.



Jesus, Matthew 28:19



Would you like to develop some of your gifts and talents? Come and join us! We will be happy to have you!

A cook

You like cooking for groups, or do you wantto learn?… the best way is to practice!

DTS staff

Your DTS has been a springboard for you and you want to see other young people experience the same things.
This is a good environment to grow in leadership and to face new challenges!

School leader

You have in your heart to start a new school or to lead a DTS in a Urban setting? Please contact us to share your vision!

An assistant

Bilingual English/French to communicate with people from all around the world, help for adminisrative tasks, etc.

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