The Preparation Continues!


What a week we had! Leadership training, evangelization, etc.

This week, we had the opportunity to have Grace from YWAM Biarritz each morning to teach some principles of leadership. Grace was really a blessing for the base especially as this year, there are three new staff members (including me) for the Discipleship Training School. Personally, I appreciated the biblical principles of leadership that she taught us as well as the little tips that she gave. And of course, we loved her stories of her experiences in leadership as a DTS staff. I huge thank you to you, Grace!

Some of use also had participated in two evangelization outings this week. The first one was on Thursday with a team called “H24 Pour Jesus” with whom we went to sing, preach, and distribute gospels in the metro. The second outing was on Friday with a team of young adults of Meyzieu. We certainly had good times with the two different teams. We saw one person come to Christ on Thursday night at Part-Dieu. It is super encouraging to see young ones and the not so young ones stand up and proclaim the word in the city. This year, we want to be even more involved in the city of Lyon and invite the city’s motivated christians to join us.

Thank you for your prayers! We found a house where 11 students and staff will be staying! It was becoming urgent as the students are starting to arrive and the school officially starts this Saturday. It is all new. So new in fact, that it’s not actually finished yet! For example, there isn’t really a kitchen yet and the bathrooms are not finished as well. We hope that the owner will be true to his word and that all will be done soon. We sign the rental agreement and get the keys tomorrow. After that, we will be moving in and preparing the house right away for everything to be ready by Saturday!

Klara, the first student arrived from Germany today!

We are so excited to start the school!

Join us in praying that the move in to the house and the last bits of preparation pass well without problems and that all the students will have good travels.

By: Kyle Antoni

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