Registration – Leader Recommendation

Registration - Leader Reference

Dear Pastor or spiritual leader,

a candidate you know just applied for admission to the University of the Nations.

In the interests of good collaboration with you and wanting the best for that person, we would be grateful if you filled out this form so that we can consider its request. Please send us your comments and opinion on the training.

In addition, because of the missionary call of YWAM for over 50 years, it may be possible that the person receives during this training, the desire to extend her probationary period for a more or less long term service. It is also likely that they may wish to continue as part of the University of the Nations of YWAM to further grow in areas such as:. relationships, Bible study, etc.

On average, 80% of people who participated in a Discipleship Training School return to their local churches, work, or studies. The remaining 20% ​​wish to continue in one way or another, for about a year, their commitment with YWAM.

So that you will not be disappointed in your expectations concerning this person, please clearly express your opinion if this person stays beyond the length of the school

Thank you for the time you have spent completing this form

Be blessed and renewed in your ministry,

The leaders of YWAM Lyon


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