“Jaascaï” means “Created by God”

Aser and Ludwig have been a part of YWAM Lyon since its very beginning. They are a very gifted couple who use their Gospel and Rap styles to share the love of Jesus. Their group, Jaascaï, performs not only in concert settings, but also in street shows, prisons and Universities.

Their first album “Lettre de Feu” has proved to be an awesome evangelism tool.

It incorporates different hip hop styles such as: Rap, Electronic, and Dance Hall.

More to come: the group is currently working on completing its second album.

Don’t hesitate to invite them to your events

More information to: bugwow@gmail.com



Melkisedek or « Pancho »

began rapping as part of a Lyonnais rap group 8 years ago. Even then, his thirst for truth and justice was evident in his rhymes. In 2009, he met Jesus and shortly afterwards, joined the YWAM Lyon team.

During his two years on the road with YWAM, he met his current wife, Naomi. Together, the couple has created a dynamic rap group, performing songs and raps in both French and English.

Their first project entitled “Trinity”, is a three work compilation which includes the very powerful single “Témoignage”.

“Trinity” is now available for free download online.
Melkisedek is currently working on his first album.

Some pictures

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