Street Art School

This training program aims to combine high quality street art-most notably through the hip hop movement and contemporary art- with sharing the Gospel.

Throughout France and abroad.

During this school you will have five months to experience God’s heart in and for your art. Get ready to put your style out into the French streets, and to seek excellence in your artistic domain through 1 of our 3 following art tracks: STREET ART, DANCE, or MUSIC.

This is a time to step out, create, and innovate!



Our vision :  to mobilize and train artists to share the Gospel and impact our society through innovative arts.

We want to use our art as a tool to reveal the character, love, and justice of God.


The Street Art School is a training for artists who want to create with God searching for excellence. This school is taking place in Lyon, a major city in France where there is much happening in terms of art and culture, hip hop and street art.

France is a nation which has been, and still is, a pioneer in many artistic areas. We believe God has chosen this nation to impact people’s lives and other nations through art. We want our art to be a platform for God to be revealed, and His power to be released. We believe in the power and efficiency of art to reach people, and act as a tool share our faith.


After the 3 month lecture phase, we’ll go on a mission trip, performing in festivals, creating murals in big cities, and giving artistic workshops to invest in our generation. Come, be a bridge of inspiration and love between God and His people.

In Europe, and especially in France, art is a key as it allows you to speak straight to the heart and spirit. It goes beyond intellectual debates. We like the idea of allowing art to be accessible for everybody and not only a certain category of people. Creating art in the streets allows any person to share a moment of fun, joy and peace. Our encounter with people is more simple and authentic, more spontaneous than in galleries or venues. Art is not just an entertainment, but a strong weapon to bring truth, beauty, justice, dignity and hope.

Art reveals the character of God, brings reconciliation, and educates. It has a social voice. Art gives strength to vision. Indeed, we believe, the impact of any thought or statement can be strongly increased and multiplied if expressed with an artistic form instead of just being a declaration. Art provides another perspective, different from the one people already hold, challenging them to put things into question.


During 6 months, you’ll live within a community of artists from different backgrounds, all with a diverse set of skills and talents. Alone we go faster, together we go further! We want to learn to live and create within a community, brainstorm and create new things in order to share the gospel. Being among other artists is good for you own development, along with that of others, because God is calling us to be and work together. You’ll be able to work in an international collective: creating together, and searching for God’s heart in how to share the Gospel through innovative art.

Come, be a bridge of inspiration and love between God and the people of France. Come and experience 6-months of community life with artists from all around the world.


Dare to create. Step out, and enter your calling.
Next session starts 2019


To apply the SAS:

Ask for more information to:


  • “I experienced the power of creating as a group! Alone we go faster, together we go further! I learnt to live and create within a community. God is calling us to be and work together.”

    Lee , SAS Student
  • “The calling of the artist is to be close to the heart of God, discern what’s happening in His Kingdom, and express it in a physical way so everybody can see!”

    Nico , SAS Student
  • “I learnt to create because I am loved, not to be loved. When creating, there is a transformation happening in you. You encounter your creator.”

    Marie , SAS Staff
  • Qui est celui qui a triomphé du monde, sinon celui qui croit que Jésus est le Fils de Dieu?

  • « Il n’est pas si bête celui qui donne ce qu’il ne peut garder pour obtenir ce qu’il ne peut perdre.”

    Jim Elliot , Missionnaire

How much does a SAS costs?

Lecture phase: 2800 €

Outreach phase (mission trip): 2000 €

These costs cover:

  • your room and board for the duration of the SAS
  • 3 months’ worth of teaching by a different speaker each week
  • contributions made towards those who run the weekly artistic workshops
  • the return ticket for the outreach phase
  • the cost of all transport used for SAS purposes
  • other SAS expenses such as materials needed for evangelism, special evenings, …

The fees do NOT cover: your arrival and departure to and from the SAS. Your visa for France, if you need one, and any personal expenses you might have while on the SAS.

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